How Much is a Medium Pizza at Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut is known for its affordable pizzas. But how much is a medium pizza at a pizza hut? in the United States, a medium pizza costs $7.99.

The price of a medium pizza at Pizza Hut can vary depending on the location and the day of the week. On average, it costs $7.99 to buy a medium pizza in the United States.


What is the $5 Deal at Pizza Hut?


The $5 Deal at Pizza Hut is a promotion that allows customers to get a medium pizza, breadsticks, and a drink for only $5. This promotion is available on the Pizza Hut website and in stores.

The Pizza Hut $5 deal has been around since 1989 when it was first introduced. The offer is often called the “poor man’s pizza” because it only costs as much as a single slice of pizza from the restaurant.


How Much is a Medium Pizza at Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut is one of the most popular pizza chains in the world. It has over 1,600 locations and is known for its affordable price and quality food. A medium pizza costs about $7.99 on average at Pizza Hut.

This makes it one of the cheapest pizzas in the world, but how much does a medium pizza cost at other restaurants? A medium pizza can cost anywhere from $7 to $10 at a local pizza place or from $8 to $12 at a chain restaurant like Domino’s or Papa John’s.


How Much is Medium Size Pizza?


pizzahut offers
Choose any Boss Pizza and add any 50cl drink

NGN 1,900.00
pizzahut offers
Choose any 1 medium pan pizza+4 pcs saucy wings + large fries+1pet bottle 50cl drinks free

NGN 4,500.00
pizzahut offers
Choose any 3 medium pan pizza+3 pet bottle 40cl pepsi max drinks

NGN 8,900.00
pizzahut offers
Choose any 2 large pan pizza+ 10 pcs chicken wings +4 pet bottle 50cl pepsi max drinks

NGN 11,900.00
pizzahut offers
Choose any 1 large pan pizza +6 pcs breaded wings +2 pet bottle 50cl drinks

NGN 7,900.00
pizzahut offers
Choose any 2medium pan pizza

NGN 6,200.00
pizzahut offers
Choose any 2 large pan pizza

NGN 7,900.00
pizzahut offers
Choose any 2 xtra large pan pizza

NGN 11,800.00
pizzahut offers
Choose any 1 ppp pan pizza “6 inch” 100g fries 1 pet bottles 50 cl drinks

NGN 1,650.00
pizzahut offers
2 big boss + 20 wings+ 2 pet bottles 1.5l drinks.


What is the 7.99 Deal at Pizza Hut?


Pizza Hut has a promotion that allows you to order a large pizza for just $7.99. The deal is available on the website and through the Pizza Hut app.

You can order a large pizza that includes up to 11 toppings and two breadsticks, or six breadsticks and one small cheese pizza, which is also $7.99. This offer is valid for a limited time only so be sure to get your pie before it’s too late!


What Size is the $10 Pizza at Pizza Hut?


The $10 pizza is a big deal for Pizza Hut. It’s their biggest seller, and it’s a great way to get customers in the door.

Pizza Hut has confirmed that the $10 pizza is a 12-inch pizza with pepperoni and cheese. The $10 pizza is available at all Pizza Huts in America, from coast to coast.

But it’s not just America – you can find the $10 pizza in more than 100 countries around the world on



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Pizza Hut is one of the most popular fast-food chains in America. It has over 3,000 locations in the United States and over 20,000 locations worldwide.

The medium pizza costs $7.99 at most Pizza Hut restaurants. If you have any questions about “how much is a medium pizza at pizza hut“ please ask using the comment section.

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