How Much Lobster Per Person?

That feeling you get when you can’t get the exact measurements of Lobster per person, mostly when preparing lobster for a large number of people.

When serving a lobster as the main meal, you can consider 1¼ lobster per Person, which will give you up to 3 – 6 ounces of meat per person.


Lobsters are quite unpopular meats, they can be canned and Frozen, and each has its own usefulness. Being uncommon, it is very important to note how it can be measured, mostly when dealing with different sizes of lobster.

Lobsters come in different sizes, starting from 1 ¼ to around 1½, you can even get a lobster as high as 20 lb, because lobsters have continuous growth, and as they grow, they keep getting their sizes higher.

Although, you shouldn’t be expecting to see a 20lb lobster, because a 1lb lobster could take up to 7 years before it can be harvested.


How Much Lobster Per Person


How Much Lobster Per Person


Choosing how much Lobster per person, also depends on certain factors, such as the eating range of the person, how it is going to be served, are serving the lobster as a main meal or as a side meal.


Once you are able to measure these factors, I have mentioned, you can easily determine the size of lobster needed per person.


Since lobster does come in a regular size of 1¼ lb to 1½ lb, you can get Lobsters up to 4lb, however, the size of lobster you decide, also affects the meats, while most lobsters sized 1¼ lb can get up meat up to 3 – 5 ounce, which is quite normal per person.


Therefore, when dealing with people who like lobster, you can consider 2 lb per person, which is likely to yield up to 30% of meat. While serving a large crowd, you must also decide on how the lobster will be served.


How Much Lobster Meat in a Lobster


How Much Lobster Meat in a Lobster


It is important to also determine how much meat is in a lobster, whenever you buy a lobster, you shouldn’t expect 100 % of the lobster to be complete meat.

The average percentage of meat in an Average is 20 – 25% per lobster, while the remaining percentage could be made up of waste and shell.


Aside from the size of the lobster determining the amount of meat in a lobster, the season can also be a good option for determining a lobster’s. A local lobster restaurant does state that during the summertime, they do have a less sales rate compared to sales in wintertime.


When asked why their response was based on the amount of meat available in a lobster during the summer season being quite lesser than the amount of meat available per lobster in the winter season.


Therefore, determining the amount of meat available in a lobster isn’t one-way stuff, but rather depends on several factors, two lobsters weighing 2lb, could have an entirely different amount of meat in it. Because, probably, one could be gotten during the summer season, while the other during the winter season.


Nutritional Facts About Lobster


Nutritional Facts About Lobster


You might be interested in knowing the nutrition contained in Lobster, literally, someone looking for more fat will certainly not consider a Lobster as a means of getting fat. However, on the other hand, lobster is well known for its high level of proteins.


One 1.5 lb of lobster does contain nutrition such as, Zinc, Fatty acid, and Vitamin B-13.


The US Department of AgricultureOpens in a new tab. provides the nutritional facts for one cup of cooked lobster. They say that in one cup of cooked lobster there are 129 calories, 27.6 grams of protein, and 1.25 grams of fat. It also contains a lot of other necessary things, like 139 mg of calcium, 334 mg of potassium, 2.07 mg of vitamin B-12, and 0.42 mg of iron.


How Much Meat Is in A 2lb Lobster?


How Much Meat Is in A 2lb Lobster


2lb Lobster is a lot bigger, well you should expect bigger meat for a 2lb lobster, alright let’s see how much meat is in a 2lb lobster.


If you got a 2lb lobster, here is some information about the amount of meat contained in such a lobster.


Lobster size =2 lb / 32 oz

Lobster Meat (Low level) = 4.8 ounces

Lobster Meat (High level) = 6.4 ounces


Therefore, you should be expecting around 25- 30% of meat in such lobster.


Is Lobster Healthy to Eat?


I am sure this is a pondering question, well, lobster is quite healthy, because of the large number of nutrients it possesses that are helpful to your body.

Lobster contains a high level of protein, magnesium, and phosphorus, which can be helpful in kidney functioning.


What Is the Best Time of Year to Buy Lobster?


Not every time in a year can be considered the best time to buy a lobster, therefore, the best time to buy a Lobster is around the winter season.

Probably, by then you will get a lot of lobster.


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Literally, Lobsters are good meat, mostly on the basis of the nutrients it carries, but one drawback of lobster is, that it has an incredibly high amount, well, this might be as a result of food safety technology, over-harvesting, and so on.


Notwithstanding, people still take lobster meat. Therefore, in this article, I have explained how much lobster per Person. In getting a glimpse of the cost of one lobster, it could be around $40.00 dollars.

Understanding how much lobster meat you need, will help you not to get too much Lobster per person.

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