How Much Sushi Per Person? How Much I Used

7 – 8 sushi rolls will be okay per person, if you are to consume a high level of sushi rolls, then you can think of 8, while if low, you can consider 7.


Sushi is quite popular and delicious and can be served to your friends. I do love the sushi roll, and I do take it more often. However, in cases where you have some friends with you, how do you decide on the number of sushi rolls needed by each person?


Therefore, in this article, I will be providing you with everything you need to know, in getting the amount of Sushi roll each of your friends can consume.


How Much Sushi Per Person?


How Much Sushi Per Person?


So now the question is, how many Sushi rolls can a person take? Well, there isn’t any definitive answer to this question, because it all depends on the eating level of the people you are dealing with, plus the size of the Sushi roll.


However, on average, each person can get up to 7 – 8 sushi per person, this amount goes when it will be the main course, while if you will be serving other sides with sushi then the amount needed per person can be decreased.


Let’s look at a chart that shows the amount of sushi needed for a group of people


Number of People Number of Sushi Number of Rolls
5 7-8 35 – 40
6 7-8 42 – 48
10 7-8 70 -80
15 7-8 105 -120
20 7-8 140-160


However, the amount of sushi each person can take varies, while some can take X2 amount, others might take less.


How Many Pieces Of Sushi Per Person?


How Many Pieces Of Sushi Per Person


If you plan to prepare or order sushi for a certain number of people, well the amount each person can take doesn’t have a general thumb, some can take as high as 10 rolls of sushi, while some can take as low as 5, it all depends on their appetite.

Therefore, you can make a general thumb of 7 for females and 8 for males, since males tend to take more Sushi compared to females.


How Much Sushi Do I Need For 6 People?


How Much Sushi Do I Need For 6 People


If you have 6 people and you want to prepare Sushi for them, but you don’t know how many each will take, you have to decide either providing a stamp sushi amount of about 7 for each person both male and female. 


Therefore, you will need 42 rolls of sushi to feed 6 people, however, if you want to classify it based on gender, 7 for Females and 8 for Males, Fine, you can go on.

Another factor that you need to consider is, how you will be sharing the Sushi with the 6 people, if serving it as a main meal, then you can maintain 7 sushi per person, but if it will be sided, then you can opt-in for 5 -6 person, depending on the quantity you will be needing.


How Much is a Serving of Sushi?


One sushi roll can contain up to 6 – 7 pieces, and you have someone who can take up to 16 sushi on a go, without getting overboard. Therefore, you may want to consider the serving size of 7 sushi per person.


How Much Sushi Do I Need For 8 People?


How Much Sushi Do I Need For 8 People


Once you can get the appetite level of the 8 people, then you can choose the amount each person will take. If you will be serving the sushi as the main meal, then you can opt for 8 or 7 per person, while if it will be sided, then you can opt for 5 per person.


If you are choosing 8 as the general thumb, then you can consider 64 sushi, needed to feed 8 people. If you are choosing 7 sushi per person, then you can consider 56 sushi per person.


How Many Pieces of Sushi Are In A Roll


The total pieces you will find in a roll is around 6 – 7 pieces, you can choose to buy either the standard roll or the avocado roll, either option can be found in the shop selling the Sushi, most shops do offer them both.


How Many Calories Are 7 Pieces of Sushi?


Are you wondering how many calories are in 7 pieces of sushi? Each piece of sushi contains about 60 calories. Therefore, consuming 7 pieces of sushi simply means that you will be taking up to 420 calories.


Utensils You Need For a Sushi Banquet


The following are utensils, and knives you will be needing for a Sushi banquet. Each tool has its usefulness.

  1. Sushi Knife – you need a very sharp set of knives
  2. Cutting Boards
  3. Soy Sauce
  4. Pickled Ginger
  5. Wasabi
  6. Salt & Pepper
  7. Chopsticks
  8. Bamboo Mats


How Many Sushi Rolls Does the Average Person Eat?


An average person can take up to 7 Sushi Rolls, each roll contains about 6 pieces. It all depends on the size of the sushi roll you are taking.


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It is very important to determine the amount of sushi a person can take since most people can take up to 7 – 8 sushi rolls, others rarely take up to 5 rolls. 


Therefore, when choosing the amount each person can take, you need to put into consideration the size of sushi you will be giving out.

Therefore, in this article, I have shown you how much sushi a person can take, you must also consider the appetite level of the people you will be giving it to, and how it will be served, either as a main meal or as a side meal.

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