Cooking Burgers For A Large Group – Learn From My Experience

When it comes to cooking burgers for an extremely large crowd, trust me, it can get overwhelming, especially when not planned properly. 

Most people are very used to cooking a small number of burgers, probably for family hangouts or dinner.


What about if you were asked to prepare a burger for about 200 people, how would you go about it? Are you going to take the procedures you normally use in cooking small amounts of burgers?


Certain measures must be taken into place before you can begin the cooking of a burger for a large crowd. You need to understand who your crowd is. Children probably like burgers more than mid-aged adults.


You need to measure the feasibility of your burger reaching every, therefore, you might consider purchasing more extras, to take care of any miscellaneous things that might happen in the process.


I will be giving you a thorough guide on how you can go about preparing burgers for a large Group.


How To Cooking Burger For a Large Group


How To Cooking Burger For a Large Group


Large Group I mean, you will be cooking like up to 100 to 200 burgers, this mostly occurs at weddings, or get together, or in fact, whatever party that brings a large number of people together.

Therefore, if you planned cooking burgers for large groups, then you can take into the factors that I have explained below


  • Have A Detailed Overview

You can’t get to the market purchasing the ingredients needed, without having an overview of what and how they will be needed. This factor also requires you to make decisions based on the number of ounces you will be serving the burger per person.


Look at your budget, were you given an extremely high amount or low amount, the amount you have at hand also tells a great effect on the preparation of the burger, however, to have your burger have that kind of memorable taste, you need to consider having enough money.


How many people will you be feeding? make an estimation, if you don’t have the raw number of people that will be attending the party, if you are given a contract to prepare a burger for a large group, you can seek more information from the ceremony planners.


Things like, how they intend to serve the burger, in the evening or daylight, with what brands of wine, and so on.


  • Plan on Buying Extras

No doubt, you can’t be certain that the 100 burgers you will be buying will be the 100 burgers that you will be sharing with 100 people you can’t. Therefore, all you’re gonna do is to work towards purchasing more burgers other than the actual number.


Some people might consume more than one burger, while sometimes, some burgers might get burnt while preparing you won’t want to share burnt burgers with some people.


Also, other reasons that might lead to the rationales for buying more burgers, could lead to leftover guests, trust me, it can be frustrating having some guests yet to get a burger. So, therefore, you must consider a leftovers burger over leftover hungry guests.


This also covers the ingredients you will be needing. You have to purchase more ingredients to cover the extra burger you will be preparing so that you won’t get a shortage of ingredients while cooking.


  • Get a Team Workers

You can’t cook burgers for a large crowd all by yourself, just try to get a team, this will help the process to be very fast and productive. While some are Manning the grill, some are also doing one work or the other.


Since you are the head, you can simply provide the job role for each person, so that everyone can know his or her duty. 


  • Kick Start the Preparation of your Burger early

Preparing a burger for a large group, especially when cooking by yourself, therefore, you have no other option but to start preparing it early, probably about 2 hours before the event should be the best time to prepare a burger for a large group.


If you try preparing burgers, when the event has started, probably around 100, it might take a whole of the event time in preparing it, and obviously, you can’t share the ones available to some people, all burgers must be ready at the time of sharing it.


Therefore, since you will be preparing the burger before the time, you must ensure to maintain the heat of the burgers, in order not to provide burgers that are quite cold to the Guests.


Most people do face this, therefore, the best option is, either leave it in the oven, with less heat, that will keep it warm, or wrap each burger in a foil, this will help keep it in a warm temperature, as desired by the guests.


  • Use The Right Utensils And Cutleries

Trust me, when you are using the wrong utensils, it can make your work slow and frustrating, therefore, you must ensure to have the right utensils needed for the preparation on the ground.


The following are must utensils that will be needed by you, before kick-starting the preparation of the burger.

  1. Apron
  2. Tongs
  3. Flipping spatula
  4. Scraper
  5. Meat thermometer
  6. Cutting Board
  7. Plate
  8. Burger press


  • Have Other Sides

Having other sides as a supplement for the occasion is a great way to get your burger to reach everyone, therefore, you can try providing side meals that can be desired by the audience.


This will be helpful because it can get the prepared burger to reach the people that need more of the burger. Once you can get more hands, you can try implementing this.


Above all, preparing something like this for such a Crowd will require more than one hand on deck. Therefore, you can seek help from other close friends.


Can You Make Burgers In Advance?


Can You Make Burgers In Advance


As long as you can preserve it for a good taste and appearance, then you can make it in advance. If you are to opt-in for making a burger in advance that will be a good idea, but you can try to wrap it in foil since this will help it retain some intensity of heat, which will keep it warm.

Or, if you have your oven not in use at that moment, you can place the burger in the oven, with low heat.


Can You Cook Burgers In The Oven?


Can You Cook Burgers In The Oven?


The Oven is the best option to prepare your burger, if you have a working oven, fine, you can go ahead to make use of the oven to prepare a burger, indeed, it will help your work get faster with better results and without any form of burnt or so.


How Many Burgers Do You Need Per Person?


How Many Burgers Do You Need Per Person?


If your burger is 4ounce, you can try out 2 burgers per person, therefore, you can try to make your burger big, because people might consider taking more burgers.


Mostly, kids that possess a high demand for burgers, need to consider them, as well.


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Burgers are great options for ceremonies and meetings, most people do prefer burgers because it is kind of delicious and is a light meal. 


Therefore, if you are to cook burgers for a large crowd, you can follow the factors that you need to consider, which I have mentioned, and you are good to go.


If you will be dealing with more kids than adults, then you need to prepare higher amounts of burgers, because most kids may take more than one burger.

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