How Many Tamales Per Person? (From Experience)

Tamales are one of my favorite dishes. I mostly enjoy it when taking it with Rice, or beans. Sometimes, my family and family friends enjoy taking it as a lunch meal.

However, most people have wondered how they could serve tamales to each person, especially, when they are to serve them to many people.


When choosing the number of tamales each person can take, you need to consider factors like, if it will be served with sides or as a main meal, you also need to consider the hungry bellies associated with whom you will be Serving.


Therefore, in this article, I will be walking you through how you can make decisions on the number of tamales needed per person when serving a certain group.


How Many Tamales Per Person?


How Many Tamales Per Person


Before choosing how many tamales a group of people will take, you need to first put into consideration how many Tamales each person will take, plus, how you intend to serve them, either as sides or as a main meal.


On a general thumb, the average tamales a person can take range around 3 – 4 on average, you can consider this number, if you will be serving it as a main meal, then if you are to serve it as a side, then you can consider 2 per person.


Although you also need to consider the kind of people you are dealing with, I could still remember a friend, who can take up to 5 tamales on a go without getting overboard, and as high as 4 sides, this is because he is always a hungry lion.

You may not necessarily stick to 3 tamales per person, or 2 tamales per person when serving it as sides. You may want to consider either decreasing the number or increasing the number depending on the wants of who you are going to serve.


The table below shows how many Tamales are needed to serve a certain number of people 


Number of People Number of Tamales Needed
20 60 – 80
30 90 – 120
40 120 – 160
50 150 – 200
100 300 – 400
150 450 – 600




How Many Tamales Needed For 100


How Many Tamales Needed For 100


100 people are quite a great number for ceremonies, therefore, you might be wondering how many numbers of tamales you will need to serve these 100 people.


If serving as a main meal, each person takes 3 – 4 tamales, while as sides, each person will take about 2 – 3, although this number can tend to increase, depending on the hungry bellies of your guests.


Therefore, for a total number of people of 100, you will be needing 3 X 10 = 300

Hence, you will need 300 tamales as a main meal for 100 people while serving tamales as sides, you will need 200 tamales.


How Much Meat Is Required To Make Tamales? 


How Much Meat Is Required To Make Tamales


The amount of meat required depends on the number of tamales you will be making. This is based on personal preference.

Therefore, 8oz of meat will make up to 12 tamales, while 16oz will make 24 Tamales.

The amount of meat needed can be reconsidered, sometimes, you might want to increase the quantity of meat needed or decrease it.


What Kind Of Seasoning Is Used In Tamales


Choosing the best seasonings helps to improve your tamale’s taste, Therefore, some spices or seasonings that will help enhance your tamales, are bay leaves, achiote, chilies, pepitas, and the likes.

Choosing a particular seasoning for your tamales depends on the intended taste you wish to have.


How Long Are Tamales Good For?


How Long Are Tamales Good For


Are you wondering how long tamales can retain their taste? The best way to allow your tamales to stay long without getting spoiled is by putting them in a refrigerator.

You can protect your Tamales, which will last for about 7 days, by putting them into a fridge, or getting them frozen.


What Do You Eat With Tamales?


Aside from serving Tamales as a main meal, tamales are also a good option for sides. Most people do often consider taking tamales as a side dish, rather than the main meal. Some of the popular sides for tamales are Rice, Beans, Salsa, etc.

Sides help to improve the taste and flavor of tamales. Therefore, here is a curated list of side dishes for tamales:


  1. Avocado Cucumber Salad.
  2. Air Fryer Plantains.
  3. Elotes (Mexican Street Corn) Salad.
  4. Papas Con Rajas.
  5. Refried Black Beans.
  6. Gallo Pinto.
  7. Roasted Chili Corn Salsa.
  8. Arroz Borracho (Beer Steamed Yellow Rice)


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Tamales are one of the favorite foods in Mexico, and it is largely eaten by most Non-Mexicans, because of their great taste.

In this article, I have provided an in-depth explanation of how many tamales you will be needing per person. 

It is important to note that, when serving tamales to your guests, you must consider how it is going to be served, and who you are serving.

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