How To Keep Hot Cocoa Warm Outside? (I Tried It)

You could imagine the pleasure when taking an immeasurable number of sips from your hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is one of the most recommended drinks, it helps leverage the winter season, by imposing a kind of warm-like temperature on your body. However, the question many do ask is: How to keep it warm outside.

The outside can be extremely cold and shivery, most especially during the snow time. Having your Chocolate hot even outside, is a great deal that you need to consider.


As the name implies, the drink is meant to be always hot regardless of the present temperature, however, the current temperature isn’t a respecter of your hot chocolate, and Therefore, if not kept in something that will hold its temperature, then you are going to get your chocolate getting iced.


If you wish to have your chocolate at the same temperature whenever you need it, then you need to consider some method that will help you retain your chocolate tea temperature.


Therefore, in this article, I will be showing you methods that you can use to get your chocolate still hot, even after certain hours.


How To Keep Your Hot Chocolate Warm Outside?


How To Keep Your Hot Chocolate Warm Outside


Alright, let’s dive straight into the climax of this article. I will show you several tactics you can adopt to keep your hot chocolate warm outside.

These methods will help you retain your chocolate tea at a warm temperature, even in the cold season.


Use Crockpots


Crockpots are quite popular and help in retaining your chocolate hot outside, it is quite inexpensive and mostly found in most chocolate lovers’ kitchens. With the crockpot, you can get your chocolate tea warm and also make a chocolate tea.

When you consider sharing a large amount of chocolate with people, the crock pot is a good idea. Once you can have access to an electrical outlet, then you can simply make use of the crockpot to warm your chocolate.

But most of the time, you certainly will not find an electric outlet out, which isn’t a good option, therefore, the only option available is to consider trying other options available.


Use a Stainless Thermos or Flask


This is undoubtedly one of the best methods that you can use to retain your chocolate drink hot. This medium doesn’t only work with chocolate drinks, but with other liquids which you might want to retain their hotness.

Thermos or Flask comes in different sizes and doesn’t require any electricity, unlike Crockpots. However, Thermos does have its disadvantages, making it limited to serving only a small portion of people.

With Thermos, you can get your chocolate hot for about 10 -12 hours, it can also be used at home, whenever you need your tea to remain hot, after some couple of time.


However, before you can begin using your thermos to retain your chocolate warm, you must have done some pre-activity, by putting a small amount of hot water in it, this could stay for about 5 – 10mins.


Use Hot Chocolate Dispenser


Hot Chocolate Dispenser is also another great method to Keep your chocolate at a hot temperature, pending till when you will need to drink it.

It is a device that holds your chocolate tea, for a certain time, it works almost similar to a thermos. With this device, you need not be bothered about reheating your chocolate tea.

And it is a good option for outdoor events, mostly during winter seasons. You will certainly find a chocolate dispenser in hot8el and reception centers, it is quite large, and can contain a large amount of chocolate. Therefore, it is a good option if you are going to be dealing with many people.

In other notation, you shouldn’t expect your chocolate to be hot forever in a chocolate dispenser, how hot your chocolate is in a dispenser can last up to 8 – 10 hours.


Styrofoam Cups


No doubt, styrofoam is a great option to consider if you want to keep your chocolate hot. With a styrofoam cup, you can maintain the hotness of your chocolate for about 1½ to 2 hours.

However, the styrofoam cup, won’t be a good option if you have other options I have listed above. It is a dumb idea to prefer a Styrofoam cup over Thermos, or a chocolate dispenser.


How To Keep Hot Chocolate Hot Without Electricity


If you have the crockpot, not everywhere you take the crockpot, you will find an electric outlet, therefore, you have to try other options that can be helpful to you, that work without electricity.

Styrofoam Cups, Thermos, or Flask are great options that you can use to maintain your chocolate hot, although if you are to serve a larger number of people, you might want to consider the Chocolate Dispenser that will be a good option.


How Long Can Hot Chocolate Sit Out


How Long Can Hot Chocolate Sit Out


Determining how long your hot chocolate can sit out, depends on the medium you are using to retain the hotness of your chocolate, therefore, if you had wished for a longer time for your chocolate to be hot, you must consider the crockpot, as long as you have an electrical outlet where you are.


Therefore, by some means, you can get your chocolate hot for a longer time, up to 12 hours. If you need a moderate and portable device that you can easily handle, then you can try out a thermos, they are a great option for that.

While options like styrofoam cups, may not retain your chocolate hot for a long time. Put more simply, if you need to make your chocolate hot for a long period, then you can opt-in for a suitable device.


What Are Some Of The Best Hot Chocolates To Drink?


While there are several brands of chocolates available, you might be wondering which is better. People do consider certain chocolate brands because of what it contains.


Therefore, here are chocolates that are quite popular:

  1. The Spice Kitchen hot chocolate
  2. Green & Black’s organic hot chocolate
  3. Hotel Chocolat Milky 
  4. Chococo hot chocolate
  5. Bettys Swiss dark hot chocolate
  6. Pump Street drinking chocolate
  7. Bullion single-origin drinking chocolate


Is Hot Chocolate Better With Milk Or Water?


More preferably, hot chocolate with milk to water.

However, both can end well, depending on your intentions, since milk contains enough fat, it becomes not a great option for people wanting to reduce their fat.

On the other hand, if you aren’t looking to reduce your fat, then you can simply consider drinking hot chocolate with Milk.




You might be wondering if you can keep your hot chocolate warm outside, well with the help of this method I have listed, you can get hot chocolate warm even in the winter season.

If you consider using the crockpot, then you must ensure to have an electrical outlet, since that is mainly how it works.

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