Do You Use Coffee Grounds To Make Espresso?

All thanks to the Turinese man named Angelo Moriondo, who invented the espresso machine way back in 1884. With this machine, you can enjoy that deep, dark, and delicious brew.

There isn’t much difference between an espresso and the regular coffee you do take, only in terms of how they are brewed.


Espresso has a more quality taste, and as a result of that, people do consider espresso coffee more than the regular coffee drinker, you are already new. 

It is important to know that, both coffee emanates from the roasting of that dark coffee beans, the remnants are what form the espresso you enjoy today.

However, when making an espresso it is advisable to always make use of the roasted beans that have been originally meant for espresso.

If you are wondering if you can use the coffee ground to make espresso, then you can continue reading this article.


Do You Use Coffee Grounds To Make Espresso?


It won’t be recommended to try to make an espresso using a regular coffee ground, this is because of the way espresso is made. 

Therefore, it is recommended to consider coffee beans that have been primarily roasted for the aim of making espresso. 

When trying to use the normal coffee ground to make espresso it is likely to lead to less flavor and less taste in your espresso.

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Filtered Coffee in an Espresso Machine?


Even though it is possible to use the normal coffee in an espresso machine, it isn’t recommended. This is a result of the nature in which both coffees are brewed.

Although both originate from normal coffee beans, this is because the producers of espresso might have considered taking extra efforts in ensuring that espresso beans have the tastes it is expected to have.

Therefore, you shouldn’t use filtered coffee in an espresso machine, since espresso machines have been Designed primarily for brewing espresso beans.


Understanding the Regular Coffee 


The regular coffee flavor profile is loved by many drinkers, because it is easier to prepare, and with the regular coffee beans, you can achieve consistent results over and over again.


It is mostly accepted by almost all coffee brewing machines, ranging from drip coffee to french press.


Therefore, because of the nature of regular coffee beans, it isn’t advisable to brew them on an espresso machine.


Understanding the Espresso coffee

Brewing espresso requires more time, though, it is considered the best option for most coffee lovers, because it comes with an intense quality compared to the regular coffee drink.


Since the beans are produced at higher quality, not all machines will be able to brew them.


Regular Coffee Vs. Espresso


Even though both have their origin in coffee beans, however, they are brewed differently.

For filtered or regular coffee, you will certainly need a drip coffee maker or a french press, while for an espresso, you have to consider using an espresso machine that has been suitable for it.

An espresso machine makes use of less water and high pressure in brewing the coffee beans

This action produces the concentrated, often referred to as “syrupy” or “thick,” espresso.


How To Brew an Espresso-Like Drink With a French Press


How To Brew an Espresso-Like Drink With a French Press


How do your brew an espresso with a french press? you can follow the process below to get brew an espresso drink:


Step 1: Grind the Coffee Beans

The First step is to grind your coffee beans, you can consider using a fine ground because it is more likely to get your brew fast.


Step 2: Boil the Water

It is very essential to boil the water needed for your brewing, you must ensure that the water has been boiled up to the threshold.

You should consider boiling your water between 195 – 205⁰F or 93 -96⁰C.


Step 3: Add The Coffee Grounds

Once the water has been boiled to the required threshold, then, you can consider adding the coffee ground to the boiled water.


Step 4:  Fill With Water

Add the remaining water, and at this point ensure you are stirring the coffee as it brews.


Step 5: Press the Plunger

Press the Plunger smoothly, if you experienced any obstruction pressing the plunger inside, you can simply pull it out, and press it inside gently.


Step 6: Pour the Espresso

Pour the espresso away, to avoid bitterness.


Espresso Recipe


Espresso recipe 1

Espresso recipe 2






In this article, I have been able to answer the question, of whether you can use coffee grounds to make an espresso. 

Well, in answering the question, you can make espresso with the coffee ground, but you must ensure to follow the due process on how espresso is brewed.

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