Can You Use Fine Grounds Coffee For Cold Brew?

Do you know that you can prepare a coffee drink all by yourself at home? However, even most people that are sure they can, actually don’t know how they could use a fine grounds coffee for cold brew.

Therefore, in today’s article, I will be showing you how you can make a flavored cold brew drink through finely ground coffee.


Can You Use Fine Grounds Coffee For Cold Brew


A straightforward answer to the question asked above is Yes. You can make cold brew with fine or fine grounds coffee, this may not be the most acceptable way used by most people in preparing cold brew, but is kindly recommended.


Unlike coarse coffee grounds whose brewing time can take up to 12 to 24 Hours, for fine grounds coffee, you can opt-in to reduce the time frame for the cold brew to about 6 to 18 Hours.


Most people do regard using finer grinds for cold brew leads to over-extraction and bitterness, however, while this assertion can be true, only when you have made use of the fine grounds coffee more than necessary. 

On the other hand, If you use a finer grind as necessary, rather than getting it Bitter, you will get a sweet flavor.

Therefore, with fine ground coffee, you will make a delicious cold brew, only if you can follow the appropriate process for producing cold brew.


Things Needed for A Cold Brew with Fine Grounds Coffee


To make cold brew, you will need to have to follow the instruments at hand:



This is primary, for a successful cold brew, you certainly will need a coffee, in this case, you will be needing a medium or dark roast coffee with a fine grind.



This is mostly used if you want a clearer brew.



Sometimes, you might not be able to get exact measurements. However, with the help of a Scale, you can get precise measurements.



Either running tap water or filtered and treated water will work just fine.



Consider a 32oz pitcher for your cold brew.



This will be used for filtering purposes, that is, in getting rid of those small coffee grounds after brewing.


What Is the Best Coffee to Water Ratio for This Cold Brew?


The ratio of water you intend to consider for your coffee will have a great impact on your coffee output, in terms of how smooth and concentrated it will be.


On a general rule of thumb, you can consider 1: 10, this accepted ratio will make your coffee sweet and delicious, however, you might want to consider increasing the ratio of coffee to water, to about 1:6 or 1:8.

This will make your brew much more concentrated, and at times, you might end up experiencing your brew too strong and bitter.

However, you might want to consider what ratio will work just well for your brew.


How to Filter Fine Grounds Coffee from Cold Brew


Whenever you are done with your cold brew, you will have to filter certain coffee grounds from the cold brew, these coffee grounds if not removed, are likely to make you not enjoy your cold brew.

Therefore, to remove coffee grounds from your cold brew, you will have to make use of a strainer. The process is as follows:


  • Step 1: Place the strainer over a bowl or a wide stainless cup.
  • Step 2: Pour the cold brew inside the strainer, and gently stir the coffee grounds, you can use a spoon to do this.
  • Step 3: Leave the coffee grounds for about 20 – 25 mins, so that all the liquid can be drained out.
  • Step 4: Discard the grounds, pour the liquid into a mug, and enjoy your cold brew.

However, if you are still experiencing some coffee grounds in your cold brew, then you can follow the steps I have mentioned above.


How to Make Cold Brew With Fine Grounds Coffee


Now, I will be showing you how to make your cold brew, with fine ground coffee. The process is quite simple and easy to follow.


  • Step 1: Add 100grams of fine coffee grounds of coffee to the container
  • Step 2: Add Cold water and stir, it mustn’t be too iced, you can add about 1000ml.
  • Step 3: Allow it to sit at room temperature for about 15 hours, you may want to make it about 20 hours.
  • Step 4: Put the Cold water from the container into a pitcher, you can use a strainer if you like, or a cheesecloth.


Does it Taste Good?


Most people are concerned if Making cold brew with fine coffee will taste good. Yes, it tastes good, because, by using finer grounds coffee, you’re gonna get an intense and smooth flavor.


How to Grind Coffee For Cold Brew?


How do you grind coffee beans to finer grounds coffee? you must ensure that you know what you are doing here, so you won’t end up overdoing it.

A burr grinder or blade grinder will work just fine, that is, if you have any of the grinders at the moment you can simply grind your coffee people to finer coffee grounds.

In cases, where you don’t have either the Burr grinder or blade grinder, then, you can buy pre-made coffee grounds, that are termed fine or fine extra.



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Video Guide







You can prepare your favorite cold brew, right at home. If you have some coffee beans, you can simply make use of the Burr grinder or the blade grinder to get things done.

With your finer coffee grounds, you can make a delicious cold brew. 

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