How To Make An Espresso Shot With Instant Coffee

You could reflect on the stress you have put into using an espresso machine, probably to take a hot espresso before leaving for work.

While this method may result in that desired espresso taste you have wished for, do you know that, with the help of an instant coffee, you can make espresso without needing to turn on any espresso machine or so?


Although, considering taking an instant coffee for espresso, will not be a good idea, if you are the type of person that prioritizes taste.

This is because, the taste you get from an instant coffee, won’t be the same as the taste you will get through using an espresso machine, in terms of taste and flavor, there will be a slight difference to say.

Therefore, the question has been pondering in your mind if you can make espresso with instant coffee. Here comes a complete guide to such a question.


How To Make An Espresso Shot With Instant Coffee


As I mentioned earlier, it is quite possible to make espresso with instant coffee, although there might be some difference in taste and quality.

To make an espresso from Instant Coffee, you don’t necessarily need a Moka pot, an espresso machine, or even coffee grounds.

All you need in making espresso with an instant coffee is an instant coffee that has been packaged into small packets, hot water, Sugar, and milk, to give it more Taste.

There are several brands of instant coffee that you will find out there, ranging from Netscafe and the likes, also, the amount of caffeine in a particular instant coffee, depends largely on the brand you are up to.


Making espresso with instant coffee, is entirely easy to follow, once you have been able to get the basic requirements, which are:

  1. A Cup
  2. An Instant Coffee
  3. Spoon
  4. Sugar, Milk
  5. Hot water


Then, you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Pour an amount of instant coffee into the Cup
  • Step 2: Pour some amount of hot water into the Cup of dehydrated instant coffee
  • Step 3: Stir with your spoon, until the coffee has completely dissolved, then you can add your milk, sugar, or honey, to give it a more branded taste.
  • Step 4: Enjoy your cup of coffee!!!

Just as simple as that, you don’t need any technical knowledge on an espresso machine, whatever it may be.


Espresso vs Instant Coffee: The Differences


Espresso vs Instant Coffee: The Differences



Even though both also have some things in common, there are still some notable differences you will find among them, which are:



Taste is one of the common differences you will encounter with instant coffee. If you are a regular espresso fan, taking an instant will have an obvious taste.


Espresso kind of has a stronger taste, which you won’t find in instant coffee.



Espresso costs more than an Instant coffee, getting a cup of espresso is around $5, while for an instant coffee, you will get a cup for around $1 – $2.


Method of Preparation

Preparing an espresso is quite stressful and can take much time, unlike an instant coffee, in which in less than 5 mins, you could get your coffee ready, aside from the time taken to boil the water.


Does Instant Coffee Have a Stronger Taste than Espresso?


No, Instant coffee isn’t as strong as espresso, this happens as a result of the nature of instant coffee, this is because it has been brewed and dehydrated, and packaged into small packets or containers.

If you are looking for a stronger taste, then you have no option but to consider purchasing a cup of espresso or preparing your espresso at home.


Can You Substitute Espresso Powder For Instant Coffee


This could be a good option, if you want that strong taste via the espresso powder, however, you should take note that there will still be some difference in taste when using an espresso powder for an instant coffee.

Notwithstanding, you can still get that desired espresso taste, through this method.


Can You Make Espresso With Instant Coffee?


Answering this question depends on your intended taste, if you aren’t concerned about the taste of your espresso then the answer is yes. 

But if you always consider the creamy nature of espresso then the answer is No. Using instant coffee to make espresso, won’t give you that strong taste you get from manually making espresso using the appropriate machine.

However, the taste you will get on instant coffee appears all the time, and may not be a good option, if you live taking different tastes of espresso.


Is Instant Coffee Strong as Espresso


Espresso might have a higher level of caffeinated contents in it, judging from the nature of an instant coffee.

However, the amount of caffeine in an instant coffee depends on the producer, most instant coffees have a lesser amount of caffeine in them. 

Espresso kind of has a range of caffeine of about 58 – 185, while, that of an instant coffee, ranges from around 40 – 180mg, which is quite lesser compared to an espresso.



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Undoubtedly, you can make a good Espresso at home from an Instant coffee, just with the availability of certain tools and ingredients, and you are good to go.

However, this method won’t be a good option if you are the type that tastes an espresso seriously, because you are not going to get the exact taste you get from an espresso.

Instant Coffee is a good option, based on how less expensive it is, and less technical.

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