Is 8 Shots Of Espresso Too Much? Learn From My Experience

How many espressos can you take before getting overboard? I am pretty sure, that if you are a fan of espresso, then you certainly would have this question hovering in your mind.

Espresso is a caffeinated drink that can contain a high level of caffeine, if not regulated. 


However, it is very important to keep track of the number of espresso shots you take daily, so as not to get any health issues that tend to degrade your health performance.

This article is based on how many shots of espresso you need to take, to maintain good health status, however, we can’t disregard how helpful an espresso is, mostly when it is taken on a moderate Level.


In terms of reducing so many health issues that might happen to a normal human being, certain illnesses you might encounter can be prevented by taking an espresso.

Also if you are on the verge of literally increasing the caffeine content in your body system, then you need to give some shots of espresso a try.

Aside from discussing the benefits of taking an espresso, it also does have its side effects, which can be extremely harmful to your body in terms of caffeine toxicity and serious health-related problems.

Some of the commonest occurring health-related issues that might arise as a result of high consumption of caffeine are as follows, Heart problems, Diarrhea, Fever, and others.


Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of the amount of espresso you take into your body, in other not to get overboard


How Many Espresso Shots Is Too Many


This is one of the most frequently asked questions by most espresso consumers, in terms of being more concerned about the amount of espresso that can be taken before it is termed too much.

Note: Taking too much Espresso regularly without taking a break can lead to serious health issues, therefore, you must ensure to keep track of the number of espresso you take daily.


Knowing how many shots before it is termed too many, won’t come in a straightforward answer, because there are certain things you will need to consider, in terms of the coffee beans used.

Some coffee beans tend to have more caffeine in them than others, but on a general rule of them, each shot of espresso ranges from around 63 – 68mg.

Other factors like the person taking the espresso shots, also can tell on the number of shots is too much.

If you are taking an espresso shot about 5 and above, which is about 315mg of caffeine content in a day, is way too much for one person.


How Much Espresso Can Kill You?


Funny enough I have seen people asking how much a shot of espresso can kill them. Taking too much espresso won’t kill you directly, but is going to impose a health issue on your body, which is likely to lead to death.

If you are consuming a high amount of espresso shots in a day, then it will lead to health performance degradation and can kill you, if caution isn’t taken seriously.

Consuming 8 shots of espresso is way too much and can get you killed, this is as a result of the amount of caffeine that follows an 8 shots of espresso, which should be around 504 – 544mg of caffeine, which is way too much, and can get you overboard.

Therefore, in order not to die as a result of taking too many shots of espresso, then you certainly need to consider reducing the amount of espresso you take in a day.


Is 4 Shots Of Espresso Too Much


For some people, 4 shots of espresso are way too much, while to some it isn’t.

If you are the type of person that easily gets health issues when taking some amount of caffeine, then 4 is too much. You can try reducing it to about taking 2 shots of espresso per day, or 3 maximum.

However, on a general rule of thumb, 4 shots of espresso aren’t too much, but sometimes, you should try to take less. Sometimes, you can take about 2 shots of espresso on 3 shots of espresso, to get things moderated.


Is 6 Shots Of Espresso Too Much


6 shots of espresso are just about 364 – 400mg of caffeine, which is way too high for a normal human being, therefore, the answer to this question is Yes.


Is Espresso Worse For You Than Coffee?


This idea can be wrong, both espresso and coffee originate from the same coffee beans, and therefore, having the impression that espresso is worse for you than coffee is wrong.

When put on a scale that has a higher amount of caffeine, then, you will figure out that espresso is way not closer to coffee.

Coffee has more caffeine in it than an espresso.



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You should maintain an average of 2 shots of espresso per day so you won’t attract any form of health issues that might arise as a result of high amounts of caffeine.

Therefore, in this article, I have shown you how many shots of espresso you will need to maintain good health status.

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