Does Cold Brew Or Espresso Have More Caffeine?

If you are a real fan of both a cold brew and an espresso, you definitely would have experienced some level of caffeine content in them.

The big question is, even though both kinds have caffeine in it, which of them have a higher caffeine content?

Knowing the amount of caffeinated drinks you take on a daily basis, will save your ass from caffeine toxicity, or several health performance issues, that are attracted as a result of high amounts of caffeine consumed.


Truly, if you drink both the espresso and cold brew, you will definitely figure out that both actually have some amount of caffeine in it.

Therefore, you must ensure that the amount of shots taken are actually regulated, in other no to get overboard.

Therefore, in this article I will be making things easy for you, by giving you a complete guide on which coffee actually contains a high amount of caffeine.


Does Cold Brew Have More Caffeine Than Espresso


Yes, Cold brew has more caffeine in it, compared to an espresso. Let’s consider how both coffees are being made. 

For a cold brew, it implies steeping coffee grounds in cold water, and then leaving it out for about 13 – 15 hours, before it becomes ready for drinking.


While, for an espresso, implies the use of an espresso machine, which uses pressures in forcing coffee grounds into hot water. The time taken for an espresso, isn’t that long as a Cold Brew.

In less than 30 minutes, you should get your espresso ready for drinking, unlike a cold brew, which can take literally for up to 15hours.


Therefore, in making critical judgment if a cold brew does contain more caffeine than an espresso, based on the time taken for a cold brew to be ready, makes it caffeine content increase.

Unlike an espresso, which doesn’t take as much time, and is done by hot water, which helps to reduce the caffeine content.

However, on a general rule of thumb, a cold brew can contain up to 200mg of caffeine, while for an espresso, can take as much as 64 mg of caffeine.

Therefore, you can see that a cold brew has much caffeine in it, compared to an espresso.


What Has More Caffeine Cold Brew Or Espresso


What Has More Caffeine Cold Brew Or Espresso


Understanding which has more caffeine in it, depends on certain factors that need to be measured, in terms of the type of coffee beans used, the amount of water, and the amount of coffee grounds.

These factors need to be considered by you, in knowing how much caffeine is in a shot of espresso, or a cold brew.


Some coffee beans tend to have more caffeine in it than others, therefore, making it a candidate for high caffeine content in it when such types of coffee beans are used.

Also, the amount of water too, plays a fantastic role in determining the caffeine content in either a cold brew or espresso.

But, you should always have it at the back of your mind that, on a regular amount of coffee grounds, for both an espresso and cold brew, the cold brew tends to have more caffeine content in.


Is Cold Brew or Espresso Healthier?


No one will actually want to take something that isn’t healthier, although the amount of caffeine in both coffee, if taken too much can lead to serious health issues.

However, if taken moderately, can help increase your health performance.

Therefore, in answering the question which is actually healthier, well, both actually tends to be Healthier, but, if you are looking for more caffeine content then you can consider the cold brew.

But, you should make sure to drink it responsively.


How Much Cup Of Coffee To Take?


Are you wondering how much cup of cold brew or shot of espresso you need to take?

Well, if you are to consume on a daily basis, you shouldn’t consume an espresso more than 140 mg of caffeine, while, for an espresso shot, you shouldn’t take more than 100mg of caffeine.

Also, you know yourself far more than anyone, if you are the type in need of caffeine, then you can consider a higher amount of cold brew, if you are to take a cold brew at the moment, and similar to an espresso.



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In this article I have answered the question, which actually has more caffeine content in it.

Well, the cold brew tends to have more caffeine in it than an espresso.

Therefore, you must ensure if you are to take a cold brew, you must ensure you are taking it at a moderate level, so it won’t attract serious health issues.



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