How to become a supplier?

A supplier is the one who provide the raw or semi-manufactured items to the manufacturer and then the final product will reach to the end user. For a supplier you need to be very good with your instincts because you have to provide items in a bigger quantity to different companies. Sometimes one supplier is providing items to one seller only but this is only in rare cases. Most of the times they are dealing with different exhibition stand designers in Dubai. You need to provide the exact same quantity to different companies because if there is any change in the quality then they will know about it from the market and it will ruin your reputation so avoid doing these things. If you are providing to different exhibition stand manufacturers Dubai you have to take care about the following:

You need to be very specific about the quality you are providing and keep it equal for everyone. If one seller wants to get different and customized items and the other one is asking for a plain simple thing for the entire stock then you need to provide same quality with different characteristics to both of your clients without any discrimination. You may change the price a bit for the customized items only, other than that you need to have a standard price of package for everyone you are dealing with.

You need to make sure that the appearance of your raw material is good and the client will be satisfied with that. There should be no cracks in the wooden planks or the rust in the steel items. Check everything by your own hands especially when you are new to this field and going to provide your first orders. In this way you can see what quality you are providing to them.

There is no need to be worried about any batch of items that goes wrong because if you are creative then you can use it in any other thing and then sell that as a new item. Just make sure that you use your brain within time and do not take too much tension. When a person take tension then the mind will stop working properly and they will make more mistakes in this situation or even get a lot of loss due to this odd situation.