Rare spare parts of Mercedes and BMW

BMW shock absorbers:

BMW has specific and special double pipe glass absorbers. Only absorbers with special features and shape will match the BMW vehicle. The special designed shock absorbers are very helpful to reduce noise. The original BMW shock absorbers are very rare and it is very important for safety. Asian market is considered one of the most reliable markets of BMW spare parts. Especially For BMW spare parts Dubai is the safest and strongest market.

BMW Brakes:

BMW original breaks are very rare and it consists of special  springs. It is the most demanded spare part of BMW all over the world and very few markets are selling the original BMW brake system. These brakes have special Aerodynamics system which other brands don’t have.

Windscreen of BMW:

The windscreen of BMW has unique features like it has a specially designed curved windscreen for not letting water to stay at all. It has automatic rain sensors which starts displaying lights when rain starts. Because of its special features BMW original windscreen is rare.

Spare parts of Mercedes:

Original Brake disc:

The original break disc of Mercedes is not available in majority of market because the brake pad of Mercedes is very light weight as compared to other cars. Majority of the market is not selling the original brake disc because Mercedes not allow every company to sell its products .The company which is selling Mercedes products must have a legal documentation with Mercedes Benz company for selling its products .Because of this, the amg kit of Mercedes is very rare.

Importance of original Mercedes brake disc:

  • Quick reaction and reliable
  • Especially affordable and comfortable
  • Ideally coordinated to the security frameworks of your Mercedes

Mercedes Benz Oil

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Motor Oil was uniquely created for Mercedes-Benz motors. It improves the presentation esteems ​​and greases up in each circumstance. This guarantees greatest motor life. Frameworks of your Mercedes decreases fuel expenses and toxin emanations.

Oil Filters:

Mercedes-Benz original oil filters guarantee that pollutants are removed out of the oil circuit because of their enormous filtration limit. This ensures the safety of the engine of your Mercedes. This thing guarantees the long life of your engine. This implies your motor works proficiently consistently – which pays off for you with low fuel utilization and lower costs.