Tips to sound proof your recording studio

A music recording studio Dubai should be well maintained and highly sound proof so that only the required sound can be captured while recording and all the unnecessary voices will be waived off. There are several ways through which a place can be made sound proof and every place will need different things to become perfect place for the music production in Dubai. There are a few things which you can use to sound proof your studio:

Thicker wall: You can create a thicker wall effect in your recording room by changing the walls of your room a little bit; if you already have a dedicated room or place for your studio then you can get these small changes to make it better for your recording.  In one way you can add another layer of walls in front of the existing ones and then attach them fully and paint them so it will not look odd. Another way is that you can cover the outer sides of wall with the sheet block and then paint it but it can be done only when your room is separate and have all four walls separate from any other construction.

Wall padding: After getting done with the additional layer of wall you may still get the noises from outside world when you sit there to record so to get the additional safety you can add some padding to your walls which will make it more sound proof not only for you but for other people too. If you are creating a studio in a place where people get offended by the noises then it is necessary for you add these foam layers to make your room totally sound proof and avoid bothering other people with your work and practice.

There are some acoustic wall panels are available which are used solely for this purpose and you can add some bass traps, acoustic mass and diffusers to get the best sound along with the cancellation of unnecessary sounds around you. When you add acoustic wall panels then they will absorb both kinds of high and low frequency and give a better control over the sound. Fiber glass panels are best in this regard and you will get better results and high durability. Just pay once and then enjoy doing the best work you can.