World’s Most Expensive Tanks

The world can come up with very expensive things and the fact is that there are buyers of it as well. this means most likely that some people love to waste money and different economic experts say that if there is no supply, the demand will die and different group of economic experts say that if there is no demand only then there will be no supply.

And we agree to the second one, because let us say that we all love coke and if we stopped drinking coke then why the coca cola factory will make it anyway. All things sum up on wants and needs and there are different concepts about it.

For example, you want an apply, you can then eat more than ten apples, but if you are sick and you need an apple, then you need only two or three apples. Again everything sums up on greed and wants.

If you are a kind of person who loves to know about wars and storages then we are here for you to get you amazed and here, you will be reading about the most expensive tanks in the world and these are tipped to us by the best steel tank manufacturers in UAE and the best manufacturers of 20 ft ISO tank containers, keep reading to know more;

  1. The first one will shock you, it is named as AMX 56 Leclerc and it is in France and it cost 27.183 billion dollars and this is the cost of one tank only. it is built by GIAT. It has 120 mm tank gun which fires 40 rounds in a second and it can store 40 gallons of oil.
  2. The second is K2 Black Panther and it is of South Korea and it costs 8.5 million dollars.  It has the capacity to store 70 gallons of oil and it can shoot 3200 rounds in 1 minute with its 12.7 mm tank gun.
  3. The third if FV 4034 Challenger II and it is of United Kingdom and it costs 7.291 million dollars and it can store 59 gallons of oil and it is also used by Oman armies as well. it is built by British company named as Vickers Defense System and is now known as BAE Systems Land and Armaments.