Why are people in Canada so happy?

Living in a country that is peaceful, it is a blessing. But there are some countries that are always in terror and that are always in threat from the other countries. But the blessed ones are usually seen on news that there are riots done by the local people.

Whereas the people who live in stressing countries, they live in peace. And when these peaceful people change their countries for good the locals in the relevant country don’t let them live peacefully saying that they came from a threatened country.

Now the point is that those people bullying the good people, the difference is clear that who needs which type of country. We have seen many stats that the people coming in from stressing countries live in different countries in the most peaceful way.

And the stats also say that there are many super businesses that are owned by people who are immigrants and they are the one giving jobs to the locals. People should know how to be thankful and live and let live people in peace.

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Below Average Crime Rate: You will be shocked to know that there are 36 million people currently in Canada and in 2017, there were 660 murders and small time crimes but the good news is that the crime cases are always solved and they is always justice.

Best Education System: the education is a compulsory thing in Canada. There was a time when United Kingdom and United States of America was said to be the best for study and now Canada has broken almost every kind of record even this one as well. hundreds and thousands of people are there to study each year.

It is the biggest country which has the best tech: they have the best quantum computing, space science and medical research facilities.